ClothesBox Custom Apparel & the 2022 Grammy Awards

Monday, January 31, 2022
64th Annual Grammy Awards
ClothesBox Custom Apparel  Since 2005 will be presented to all the 2022 awards winners and media. Stay on the lookout for the ClothesBox Grammy Gift box. Inside, Grammy winners will receive 2 Custom shirt printed by Mr ClothesBox himself. 1 hand sewm black non medical face mask that has been embroidered in gold thread crafted, sewn, sanitized and packaged by the hands inside ClothesBox. 1 glow in the dark Since2005 wristband to party the week away in. Grammy winners will also be invited to request 1 ClothesBox Custom designed garment that will be created upon request and delivered directly to the celebrity. 
With this opportunity we hope to open opportunities to print for a larger customer base and expose the masses to the functionality and inovative printing techniques we are working on at ClothesBox. 

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