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    JuiceBox Events

    JuiceBox Events

    The JuiceBox Mobile Event Center

    JuiceBox Events is an event and entertainment experience.

    We invite our guests to get there early and stay late.

    We build an entertainment atmosphere.

    The JuiceBox Mobile Event Center is a fully customized mobile event center. It is equipped with a concession area and three performance platforms. The concession amenities on the JuiceBox include a 3-compartment slushy machine, a standard three-compartment sink, a wash sink: commercial rated freezer and refrigerator counter space and storage, and a locked cash drawer. The service area has ten led canister lights and led lights that wrap around the exterior and create lighting for 2 of the lower platforms. The JuiceBox comes with a Bluetooth surround sound system that provides great background sound.
    JuiceBox is in compliance with all state and local regulations for Good Retail Standard according to the Ohio Revised Code.