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JuiceBox Stage Rental Package

The JuiceBox Stage Rental Package excellent choice for video, podcasts, concerts, festivals, speaking engagements, outdoor presentations, awards ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, food trucks, food truck events, employee recruitment, engagement party, school fun day, concerts, carnival, festivals, music festivals, vendor events, event vendor, graduation party, parties, adult party, kid party, tailgating 
  • Three performance platforms. The separate 16 ft x 7 ft performance platforms have various uses. The two (2) lower JuiceBox platforms are attached to the main concession area. The spiral staircase will lead you to the upper JuiceBox performance platform.
  • Each platform has a weight capacity of up to 2,000 pounds.
  • Pricing 4-hour minimum $1000 w/ $300 per additional hour. 

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