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    ClothesBox Custom Apparel & Design

    ClothesBox Custom Apparel & Design

    ClothesBox Custom Apparel & Design, Since 2005 has designed, built, and constructed a 10 / 14 piece blank apparel line. These pieces all can be ordered and requested to be customized. All garments are constructed in a vast array of colors. We print, sewn, design, cut, create, and build Custom Apparel.

    "Let us add some Clothes to your Box."

    Solid Black(1) or Heather Grey(2) - ClothesBox Zip Hoodie

    Pullover hoodie with a kangaroo pouch, zip pocket, and quarter zip top

    Red(3) / Yellow(4) / Green(5) / Blu(6) - ClothesBox Bomber Sweat Suit 

    Black with shoulder color stripped Bomber Jacket equipped with 2 side zip pockets, full-zip front, 3 snap buttons 

    Black Sweat Pants with 2 side zip pockets 1 open back pocket, and 3 colored snap buttons at the bottom

    Red(7) / Grey(8) / Blu(9) / Black(10) - ClothesBox Sweat Shorts

    Knee-length sweat shorts with 2 side zipper pockets, 1 back pocket

    and then there was BLUBACK.........