The JuiceBox Event Center 

The JuiceBox mobile stage and concession is a fully customized mobile event center. This center is equipped with a concession area and 3 performance platforms. The JuiceBox comes equipped with a 3-flavor soft serve ice cream machine, a 3-compartment slushy machine, standard 3 compartment sink and a wash sink. Commercial rated freezer and refrigerator compartments, counter space and storage and a locked cash drawer. The service area has 10 led canister lights and led lights that wrap around the exterior and create lighting for 2 of the lower platforms. The JuiceBox comes with a Bluetooth surround sound system that provides good background music. The JuiceBox is in compliance with all state and local regulations for Good Retail Standard according to the Ohio Revised Code. 

The JuiceBox E2 Experience Event Rental Packages 

The JuiceBox Stage Rental Package 

The JuiceBox Stage Rental Package comes with three (3) performance platforms. The separate 16 ft x 7 ft performance platforms have various uses. The two (2) lower JuiceBox platforms are attached to main concession area. The spiral stair case will lead you to the upper JuiceBox performance platform. Each platform has a weight capacity of up to 2,000 pounds. Each platform also has dual electric outlets, the electric is powered by a portable generator (the School Bus) with up to 10,000 watts of power. Pricing 4-hour minimum $1,936 w/ $450 per additional hour. 

The JuiceBox E2 Stage Rental Package  

The JuiceBox E2 Experience Package is inclusive of all amenities in the JuiceBox Stage Rental Package, with the addition of a professional quality 4000-watt sound system, 2-12in sub woofers, 8-line array speakers, one performance microphone and a professional DJ. Pricing 4-hour minimum $3,548 w/ $812 per additional hour.  


The JuiceBox Ultimate E2 Stage Rental Package  

The Ultimate E2 Experience package includes all amenities in The JuiceBox E2 Experience Package with the addition videography, photography and your choice of one JuiceBox attraction. Pricing 4-hour minimum $6,774 w/ $1,276 per additional hour. *Unlimited Event Concession Available 


Additional microphones $50 per cordless mic 

DJ Services $100 per add’l hour 

MC/ Hosting/ Live Entertainment Inquire for pricing 


Concession Menu Items 

Soft Serve Ice Cream 

2 Flavors / 1 Swirl 

-8oz paper cup w/ spoon, napkin $4 

-Waffle Cone, napkin $6 

-Topping, napkin $.50 each 

sprinkles, whip cream, cherry, caramel, Oreo crumbs, chocolate 


3 Flavors 

-4oz paper cone, napkins $4 

16 oz cup w/ straw, napkin $6 

Foot Long Popsicle $2 

16 oz bottle water $2 

12oz JuiceBox Fresh Lemonade $8 

12oz JuiceBox Fresh Juice $8 

Popcorn Maker $5 

Cotton Candy Bag $5 

Required concession supplies – spoons, napkins, napkin dispenser, 16oz cups, straws, 8oz paper cups, 4oz paper cone, waffle cone, waffle cone holder, 6 topping containers, serving spoons, tongues, test strips, towels, rags, cleaning supplies and food thermometer. 

*Unlimited Event Concession Pricing Packages Available  

  • Logistics 

Reference Attached Document per No Day Off Transportation 

  • Food Catering 

Reference Attached Documents 

  • Custodial Duties (COVID-19 mitigation protocols, food grade disinfect products used for Cleaning Fee) 

Set-up $20 per hr, per person 

Cleaning Fee $85 per hr, per cleaner 

Security $45 per hr, per guard 

Hospitality/ Greeter $25 per hr, per staff 

Food Service Attendant $45 per hr, per person 

  • Food Truck Partners 

Per Theme Request  

  • Inflatables/ Games/ Attractions 

Inflatable Bounce House $200 

Inflatable Movie Screen $200 

Projector $100 

Photo Booth $500 4hr, $150 

360 Photo Booth $700 4hr, $200 

Popcorn Maker $75 day, $25 per 50 serv 

Cotton Candy Maker $125 4hr, $25 per 50 ser 

Mechanical Bull / Surf Board $800 4hr, $225 

  • Tents/ Chairs/ Tables 

6 ft Tables $10 per table 

8 ft Tables $12 per table 

Folding Chairs $4 per chair 

10’ x 10’ Tent $100 per tent 

10’ x 20’ Tent $200 per tent 

  • ClothesBox Custom Apparel 

Onsite t-shirt printing 

Event Signage/ Banner Printing 

Memorabilia- bags, koozies, door prizes, event merch, etc 

  • Addon Services 

Videography, Photography, MC/ Host, DJ, Decorations, Fencing, Port a John Rental, etc. 


*A security deposit will be required upon signing of the contract.  

Force Majeure clause unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract. *Seller shall not be responsible for cancellation or delay in delivery or performance resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to: acts of God; strikes or other labor disturbances; equipment failure delays in transportation; inability to obtain fuel, material or parts; war, acts of terrorism, riots, epidemics, pandemics, fire, unusually severe weather conditions, accidents, or other contingencies, the non-occurrence of which was a basic assumption on which the contract was agreed upon and signed.